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Why Big Brands Are Best

Christmas time is a busy time for battery sellers, what with the growth in electronic Christmas presents. A lot of parents get caught out with not having a stock pile of batteries to power the wealth of new electronic pressies which are being received. There is almost always a present that appears which doesn`t have the batteries that it requires included and this is why, at Christmas time especially, families need to stock up on them.

If you are buying a greater number of batteries it is easy to think that you can get away with buying a cheaper brand, but in actual fact, you are wasting your money. In the majority of cases you would be much better off buying a bigger, well know brand.


  • Lifespan - One of the main reasons why you should always buy well known, bigger brands is because they generally have a longer life span than other batteries. Brands such as Duracell and Energizer have a much better life span, especially in high energy draining toys like you would expect to get for Christmas. According to Which?, big brands can often last up to 3 hours where a small brand battery can last as little as 66 minutes before it begins to run out. So if you don`t want disappointed children (and maybe adults) over the Christmas period, it is worth trying to get hold of the more reliable, bigger brand batteries.
  • Safety – There has recently been issues around batteries concerning exploding or leaking, not only damaging the batteries but also the electronic device that they were being used in. By buying a big name brand you are also buying authenticity, safety and accountability. Cheaper, counterfeit batteries are much more likely to leak, explode of malfunction.

When you are putting batteries into a new device, try to always use new batteries, or a set of batteries with the same age to avoid potential explosions, leakages or energy loss. If you are stocking up for Christmas, make sure that you store the batteries in a cool and dark place.

The two main big brand battery makers are Duracell and Energizer. Whilst they may be a little more expensive to buy in the shops, you should make your money back in terms of the quality of the batteries. Both of these popular brands are available in a whole range of sizes so a good selection should get you through the Christmas period with no problems, tantrums or big arguments.

Retailers are expecting to sell over 13 million batteries this year – based on the fact that there are a number of new devices and gadgets becoming available this Christmas, most of which requiring a battery to energise it. Ensuring that you have the right battery is imperative to the long life span and the overall performance of the battery, and the best way that you can guarantee this is by choosing a big, well-known brand.

For battery retailers and parents alike, now is the time to stock up on all types of big brand batteries and avoid disappointment on the big day.

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