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Energizer Today
Energizer has been around for over a century and over that time have come up with many innovations from creating the first ever consumer battery to the world’s first battery made with 4% of recycled batteries. Today Energizer make batteries for all types of devices, from batteries used in everyday items such as remote controls, to watch batteries, to hearing aid batteries. They are renown around the world for their quality and performance of their products, making them an excellent choice for batteries.

History of Energizer
Energizer Holdings originated back in 1896 with a couple of inventors, W.H Lawrence and Conrad Hubert. In 1896 W.H Lawrence made the first consumer battery in the world. It weighed aroiund 1.5kg and was originally supposed to be used to power home telephones. A few years later in 1988 Conrad Hubert decided to use these batteries in order to power his very own invention, the very first handheld torch. In 1905 they come together and create the American Ever Ready Company, and over a century later the company is still going strong, now known as Energizer Holdings. -In 1955 Energizer (still called Eveready at this point), introduced a new type of battery for hearing aids which are miniature in size. This advancement in battery technology meant that people with hearing aids were no longer overburdened by the size of a big battery case. -In 1957, a patent for the first consumer alkaline battery, a battery that would change the world forever, is applied for by a Canadian Eveready engineer Lew Urry. -With the innovation behind the alkaline battery, in 1958 Eveready would also create the first rechargeable battery system. This proved that consumer batteries didn’t have to be disposable and could be used more than once, while maintaining performance. -In 1989 Energizer developed the first zero added mercury battery, leading a more eco-friendly way of manufacturing batteries. -In 1992 Energizer announce the first AA lithium battery, a new innovation that was able to provide even more performance than alkaline batteries in high drain devices.