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Duracell In Car 2.4A Single USB Charger - Black (DR5020A) - Battery Warehouse UK | Free UK Delivery on all Orders


Duracell In Car 2.4A Single USB Charger - Black (DR5020A)
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The Duracell USB charger is the ideal product for people who want to charge their mobile devices while in their vehicle. This charger is compact, powerful, and conveniently converts power from your vehicle to run USB-powered devices. Simply insert the charger into your vehicle's DC socket and plug your device into the USB port. A built-in LED illuminates and shows you when the charger is providing power.


  • Compact design you can leave plugged in
  • Convenient USB charge port
  • LED ON power indicator
  • Provides 5-volt DC power to charge
  • Power a Tablet PC, Kindle, iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, Smartphone, MP3 player and more

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